5th Edition D&D, Home Brew Island Setting.

The thirteen major islands, and numerous tiny players, taken together are called “the Crown”. Most islands are independent (some are vassals or thralls of others), and some even have multiple city-states on them. Some have kings, some are democracies, and everything in-between exists.

Every island is said to be watched over by a deity, whose power corresponds to the island. Aside from the political clash of the various city states, the temples also play a dominant hand in the politics of the world, as does the ship-makers alliance.

The Islands

Kentriko “the jewel” – The largest island, home to three major city states. This is the commercial heart of the Crown. After a history of internal conflict, the three city states came togethers as allies, choosing to be ruled by a Triumverate, each responsible for rule of a particular city state.

The Triumverate began making raids on other islands and seizing property, lands, and colonies under the auspice of “Uniting the crown to the jewel.” As they gained more and more power, they began squabbling, and just as a rebellion from other islands sparked, civil war between them also broke out. The brutal and chaotic war which followed saw Kentriko stripped of all military power. Now the Triumverate is appointed by the leaders of other city states outside the main island.

Kentrikans are not happy about this turn of affairs, as individual members of the new Triumverate have been consistently corrupt and incompetent. Levies are extremely high, and many natives feel as though everything they toil for is being taken by foreign powers (which is true.)

A Kentrikan by blood is often poor and pining for the golden age of their island. Many young Kentrikans (called “newbloods”) are the children of the conquers and wealthy merchants from other islands & city states who have settled down. The “true Kentrikan” and the “newblood” do not often get along. Newbloods tend have grown up in relative comfort. They have the right to hold political offices and receive commissions. True Kentrikans have had these rights stripped. They can work, and they theoretically own enterprises (practice is much different than theory), but they are definitely lower class and afforded less opportunity. There is also a subcategory of newbloods who are not wealthy and powerful – people who want to be in the heart of culture, or go to the seat of power. Students, thinkers, artists, mercenaries and travelers abound.

The city states include Krent, Deggan, and Fultuce.

Krent is the oldest of all of the city states, located on the western part of the island. It is a center of learning, and is home to the University. The Order of the Magi is based out of Krent.

Deggan is located in the north central part of the island. Famous for its hanging garden and the great bazaar, it is the commercial heart of the commercial heart of the islands. The ship-makers alliance is based here.

Fultuce is nestled in the east of the island, and is the smallest but wealthiest of the three city-states. Located at the base of Heaven’s Reach (the largest mountain in the known world) this is the religious capital of the Crown. There are temples to all of the gods located here. The lower levels of the mountain are mined for precious metals, and a great long journey to the peak is a pilgrimage often made by the spiritual.

More islands to come…

The Wayfayers

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